McDonald s hamburger Old-school cheeseburger

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  1. McDonalds® regular Hamburger: Mix all ingredients well in a spice shaker with big enough holes to allow pepper to flow
  2. Makes about 3 ounces
  3. Use on ALL McDonald's hamburgers (unless you're allergic to msg, then just use salt and pepper
  4. ) The Beef Patties: Divide 1 lb of beef into 10 equal sized balls
  5. Form a patty out of each ball about 4 inches in diameter and 1/4 inch thick
  6. Do this on waxed paper
  7. Now freeze the patties for at least an hour
  8. (this keeps them from falling apart when you grill 'em) Obviously you'll do this in advance of "burger time"
  9. It is pretty tough to make patties this small, so if you come up with 9 patties, I'll forgive you
  10. The Onions: Put the dried onions in a container, oh
  11. like Tupperware
  12. and add water
  13. Water should be a few inches over the top of the onions
  14. (better to have too much water than not enough) Cover, and refrigerate about 1/2 hour
  15. Drain the liquid, and BAM
  16. you have McDonald's little baby onions
  17. Cover again and refrigerate until 'burger time"
  18. The Pickles: McDonald's® pickle slices are unique in flavor, very sour dills
  19. The only product I know of that comes close to the distinctive flavor is HEINZ Genuine Dills
  20. (original sour dill
  21. ) But they don't come in slices, so slice your own VERY thin
  22. I can't do it very well with a knife, so I use a K-tel "dial-a-slice" home vegetable slicer
  23. ALSO
  24. Vlasic "original" dills have that tart flavor
  25. Make sure they're not "kosher" dills
  26. Wal-Mart® carries Vlasic ORIGINAL dills, and you have to slice those too
  27. Use these pickles on all McDonald's® hamburgers! The Buns: Use the small, plain cheapo store brand hamburger buns
  28. You know, they come 8 or 12 in a pack
  29. Usually about 59 to 69 cents for a pack of 8
  30. (You'll want to separate the tops, or "crowns" from the bottoms, or "heels"
  31. as most likely they'll be connected slightly on one edge
  32. ) When it's "burger time", you'll be toasting the buns
  33. Those instructions are coming up
  34. WalMart® sells a great product for regular buns---Great Value™ brand "jumbo" hamburger buns
  35. They're almost exactly like McDonald's® buns and a little bigger than the other hamburger buns available at your supermarket

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