McDonald s hamburger Old-school cheeseburger1

  • Portie: 4 personen
  • Kooktijd: 20 minuten
  • Bekeken: 1989 x



  1. ONE MORE THING: Before you cook these marvelous hamburgers, pre-cut 10 12"x12" sheets of waxed paper
  2. You'll need them to wrap the burgers
  3. Cooking your Hamburgers! Pre-heat your oven to warm
  4. its lowest level, this is for later
  5. You're going to need two electric griddles
  6. One to grill the meat, the other to toast the buns
  7. Pre-heat the meat griddle to 375-400°, and the bun griddle to about 350°
  8. (this recipe has you cooking four at a time) ***note***before starting, make sure to have all of your condiments READY! (because this all happens very fast) #1 -Toast the crowns of 4 buns (tops) Do this by laying them face down on the griddle closely together
  9. Put a dutch oven (pot) bottom side down directly on top of the buns
  10. (open side facing up) This is only to apply hands-free pressure to the buns so they will toast evenly
  11. (Don't use anything TOO heavy like cast iron
  12. You'll smash the buns
  13. ) #2 -Lay the frozen patties on the other grill
  14. After about 20 seconds, "sear" them by applying even pressure with the back of a metal spatula, and pushing down on the front with your free hand
  15. (careful not to burn your fingers
  16. ) Do this only for about 2 seconds
  17. you should hear them sizzle louder while you "sear" them
  18. After searing them, sprinkle generously with McDonald's burger seasoning
  19. #3 -At this point, your buns are nearly done
  20. They will have an even tan color when finished
  21. Remove them, and repeat the the "bun toasting" process with the heels
  22. (bottoms) #4 -After about one minute since searing the patties, turn them over
  23. Careful, don't tear the side you seared
  24. Add another dash of Seasoning and about a teaspoon of your prepared onions
  25. (Don't be anal and use a measuring spoon
  26. no time
  27. just two fingers and a thumb full
  28. ) #5 -Now quickly dress your buns
  29. (crown, or top side) Mustard first
  30. five "kisses" the diameter of a pencil evenly spaced in a circle about a half inch from the edge
  31. Then the Ketchup, (use Hunt's if you can) five squirts the size of a nickle
  32. in the pattern found on dice
  33. Place the pickle in the middle

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